How to Prepare for Computer Proficiency Test with Previous Paper


How to prepare for Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) for upcoming Secretariat Computer Operator Examination and ASTC CPT

Dear friends,

We all know that you are looking for previous year paper to boost up your preparation for upcoming Computer Proficiency Test and also looking for tips for how to prepare for CPT. So, first of all we are providing you the “Previous paper of Assam Directorate of Technical Education(DTE)” and “ESIC Computer Proficiency Test Sample Paper” to understand the pattern of CPT. Therefore we have provided some important tips to clear the the Assam Secretariat Computer Proficiency Test.

How to Prepare for the Computer Proficiency Test

Based on the previous Computer Proficiency Test, we have prepared a study plan which led you to clear the final stage of both ASTC CPT and Assam Secretariat CPT.

Topics to covered

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Exel, Microsoft Power Point, (Most Important)
  • Adobe Page-maker basics, Tally, (If time permits)
  • In addition don’t forget to revise your computer basics as there may be a few questions from basics.
  • Typing Practice. (As there may be typing test also)

Microsoft Word Based Questions

  • Banner Creation using MS Word.
  • Produce the text with figure (Text and pattern will be given printed all you have to type in same as printed)
  • Reproduce the text in newspaper style.
  • Reproduce the official letter using MS Word with the font type “Verdana” as per the format and guidelines given below and save the file in correct format, Perform the following as per the sample.

Microsoft Power Point Based Questions

  • Reproduced the Power Point Slide with picture (Picture will be given and slide design will be printed on question Paper, 1 to 2 questions may be asked).
  • Power Point Slide design with mentioned effect and transitions.

Microsoft Excel Based Questions

  • Salary sheets creation may be asked using formula.
  • Mark sheets design in excel.
  • Design a attendance sheet .
  • Graph plotting from data given in excel.

So friends we have tried to clear all your doubts regarding upcoming CPT examination for both Assam Secretariat and ASTC, also we have uploaded DTE Assam CPT Examinations question paper with sample CPT question paper of ESIC.

Download DTE Computer Proficiency Test Question Paper

Download ESIC Computer Proficiency Test Sample Paper.

Here we have added microsoft word and microsoft power point files with procedure to design

  1. Banner using MS-Office 2010

banner creation using ms-word

Steps :

  • Open MS-Word 2010 or other versions
  • Create a new file.
  • Then go to insert tab, select Shape from illustrations tab and choose the given shape from there

  • After that drag left to right vertically, then shape will be formed, then double click on it

  • Here you need to select No Fill.
  • Now you have to insert a text box and write whatever you want.

  • Now go to Format bar and select Shape Affects and fill the shape with dotted lines or other as you wantYou can download here the Microsoft word banner file.


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